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                              Royal Canin Dog and Cat Foods Available
                                                    if you need something not listed here we can special order for you!
:Dog Foods:
Gastrointestinal Fiber Response for dogs with diarrhea,irregularity or constipation     Dry 8.8lb, 17.6lb
Dental formulated to keep teeth and gums healthy by reducing tartar buildup                dry     7.7lb
Dental for Small Dogs 7.7lbs
Calm for smaller dogs that are anxious or hyperactive contains tryptophan and milk proteins for emotional balance 8.8lbs
Skin Support    6lbs, 16.5lbs  
Satiety Support to satisfy the appetite of dogs dieting to lose weight  7.7lbs, 17.6lbs      

Feline Foods:
Satiety Support
 to satisfy the appetite of cats dieting to lose weight  7.7lbs
Calm helps cats manage stressful or anxiety related situations 8.8lbs
Gastrointestinal Fiber Response for cats with acute or chronic constipation 8.8lbs
Weight Control helps healthy adult cats with a tendency to gain weight 7.7lbs
Dental helps reduce the formation of plaque and calculus in adult cats 7.7lbs                                                        
Renal management of all stages of chronic kidney disease in adult cats 7lbs

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